Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Roti ke Laddoo

I woke up three days back with a sore throat. And sneezed once. Fear gripped me. Spent some time thinking.
"I think I have got the swine flu" ... I said aloud. No reply from the only other person in the house. I went about with my chores.

Around noon I sneezed ... again.
"I really think I've got the swine flu". The hubby did what he does best ... minding his own bussiness.

I looked around. Every other thing in the house had a look of sympathy on it.

Spent the whole day wondering ... trying to gauge the extent of my 'illness'. It was around late evening when I sneezed again. Three times in one day!! Oh no, no ...

Started to wallow in self pity. "I know I am ill ... but who cares?" " I know I have the swine flu ... I wish I was at home ... at least somebody would know what to do" ... etc. etc.

The husband decided to do something. Asked me to get ready.

"But where are we going?"
"To the hospi".
"Well ... you are ill ... and we need to do something about it."
"But ....".
"Now, no buts ... get ready".
"But, it is evening!"
"So? ... all the hospitals work 24/7".
"But ... ".
"Let's pack some clothes too ... they may want to keep you in isolation".
"What?!!! But don't we need to get the tests done first?"
"Well ... they'll see to everything".
"I don't think my throat hurts thaaaat bad".
"But you are sneezing?"
"No ... nah ... I haven't sneezed since noon".
"Good. It is late anyway ... let's decide tomorrow".

I haven't sneezed since. I think I don't have the swine flu after all.

For those of you wondering about my sensibility, lemme tell you am not foolish. The current state of the city is real bad with the swine flu still very much in action. Every single day there is a report on at least one death here.
Any sane person would be scared.
Now to this simple and easy to make sweet ... the Roti ke Laddoo is a great way to use leftover rotis. Quick to make, it is very tasty. And is a hit with kids.

My mom-in-law makes this for the kids at home. She breaks the roti into small pieces ... but that way too much of ghee is needed to help bind the laddoos. My way spreads the moisture equally and so needs less ghee ... just for the flavour.

Need : Leftover rotis, ghee/ clarified butter, choti elaichi / green cardamom, sugar to taste, dry fruits like cashew, almonds, raisins,etc.

How to : Mix everything together and run through a mixer.

Take out the soggy mix and shape into laddoos.

Done! :-)


  1. LOL:-D . I can really relate to this. we had the same thing going on few months back:-)

    besh churmur laddoo r moton dekhte hoyechey. Arjun's cousin sister is known to do this i h ave heard. she throws no rotis & the rest of the house benefits from this! I have to give this a try.

  2. This is really good and shortcut recipe, nice idea Sharmila. Please do send it for the event for this month in our blog, it ends on 24th, so hurry. Check our blog for more details

  3. Wow this is so creative.. sure it would taste good too. :)

  4. It is the same story here. With fall arriving there will many more false postives :)

    As for the laddu that is a delight. Kids would love this.

  5. Thats lovely...
    I was laughing so much at your stories...

  6. Lady, is there any thing you can not cook? I wish I had you for a neighbour, would have conveniently shoved the kids your way every time they said 'ma, khide pachche.' I generally make egg parathas with left over rutis but this one really took the cake. Simply awesome.

  7. better laddoos than MIL?? awesome...i hope she isnt reading this

    loved ur swine flu story...stop fooling around, i hope noone i know ever has it....start growing tulsi, i keep telling everyone...lol

  8. I know what you mean about the swine flu. I am glad you're doing well. laddur gulo darun dekhte hoyeche... craving one now :)

  9. My MIL makes these for me many times. I love them. All that ghee how can they not be delicious : )

  10. Sharmila, You are a darling! :) That was so cute..I too do the same..keep cribbing noone is paying attention, when cajoled am like leave me alone! :) Roti ka ladddoo...wow! Who could think of it? At this rate, you should start thinking of writing a cooking book, if you have not already started thinking! :)

  11. Roti laddoos?! SOunds delightful!

  12. Tomar to doctor-er name sune jar palanor mato situation...I also got so scared when my children got cold..rutir laddoo, lovely recipe

  13. hmm...this swine flu has to go...

    roti ka laddo looks so good....we used to eat this in our childhood but it was made after dry roasting the roti crumb.....this one surely takes less ghee n can be had fresh.
    i make roti pohe with the crumbs ,but that is very rare as there is no leftover roti here.

  14. Well said about the polluted weather surrounding us...to get panic with a sneeze....roti laddoo looks yum....i will not make laddoo...but grind and indulge....

  15. Sharmila,
    Orey baap re , roti thekhe ladoo ..darun idea dile :)..
    and take care as the flu is spreading like anything ..even here also we always feel the same way whenever there is little sneeze here and there LOL...
    hugs and smiles

  16. Ekhon amio haaschi Soma. Tokhon bhoye bujhte parini amake boka banacche. :-(
    Try this laddoo .. it tastes awesome. :-)

    Thanks Sudeshna, Nithya, ISG, Somoo, Mandira, Vani, Priyanka, KF! :-)

    Given the chance I'd love to make anything for them Aparna. :-) The recipe is my mil's ... can't take full credit for it. :-)

    Lol Rush. :-) I do have a tulsi plant that is thankfully doing good now. :-)

    Very little ghee Naina, very little. :-) Hope u r doing good. :-)

    You are too good Pragyan to say such nice things for me. A cook book? Hmm... good idea. :-)

    Indrani .. ami eto bhoye peyegechilam je bujhtei parini joke korche. Besh shayesta hoyechi kintu. ;-p

    I think the roti is roasted enough Sangeeta ... so just go ahead and grind it. And I make roti pohe too ... but don't eat it. :-)

    Lol Jaya. Try kore dekho .. khub mojar kintu ei laddoo ta. :-)

  17. Lol...Hmm i know about swine flu..its really sad :(
    My mom too makes these with roti, jaggery and loads of ghee :)

  18. This is what is known as churma laddo in Rajasthan. This is one of the delicacy offered to God Hanuman there.

  19. Hi hi the fright must have taken you flu away :-)

  20. Lovely laddoo. Can have it now. Hope the swine flu situation gets better.

  21. Hey Sharmi, aamar mil nijer bachhader breakfast e churee khaiyye school e pathaten...as it was the easiest, healthiest and tastiest breakfast!! Churee is made exactly the same way, just that she never rolled them into laddoos. You brought back her memories..she would always ask me to make it for my kids, but for some reason aamar bachhara khete bhalobashe naa. But the laddoos seem a great idea!! :)

  22. Hey Sharmi, absolutely forgot to mention, I was laughing out loud at your story! Very well written indeed...this has happened so many times with me, that I could so identify with it :-)

  23. Parita ... the jaggery seems a good idea and healthy too. Thanks! :-)

    Right Aparna. Only they are made from batis ... which are pretty dry .. and hence need a lot of ghee to soak up.
    Thanks for the info ... did not know about it. But where is 'here'? :-)

    Thanks HC, A2Z! :-)

    Churee toh bhari mojar naam J!

  24. That's funny, Sharmila. When I sneeze or get the sniffles now, I too joke about having the swine flu! :)
    Those laddus look delicious. My mom would make something similar. How can you go wrong with cardamom and jaggery?

  25. Daarun to...ruti diye laddoo ?? amar anek samayei extra ruti theke jay...3 din pore ar khaoa jay na...next time holei eta banabo..byapok idea :D ami kal boondir laddoo baniyechi :)
    satyi, ei swine flu ta jachei na....I can understand your panic...I tried to imagine your face when u said ' its not thaaat bad ' ha ha :P

  26. Oh those sensible non-dramatic husbands! Glad you are fine and I can understand why you'd get worked up about it. Try to keep your immunity up! The laddos look great- I usually make the same thing but not ladooed up. Just crumbles. Call it chapati ki kutti.

  27. Right Vaishali ... jaggery and cardamom make too good a combi. :-)

    Tulip ... ruti diye khub bhalo upma o hoye. Ekbar kore dekho. :-)

    Lol Bharti. Chapati ki kutti sounds cute. :-)


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