Sunday, 27 September 2009

A little Durga Puja fervour for all .... Part II

We had an unexpected guest in the morning ... as a result were late in leaving for the puja pandal. And in the hurry ... forgot to take the camera along. :-(

So managed these few snaps with my mobile phone camera.

It was way too crowded ... today being the last day of puja. And a Sunday. So the line for prasad / bhog was very very long .... snaking its way from the main gate .... making 2 'U' turns and then a straight line up to where the food was being served.

We got to see the Kumari Puja today .... small girls are worshipped as the goddess. And then collected our bhog parcels.

There was no place to sit .... so we went to our car. We had parked it under a neem tree .... and there was a cool breeze blowing. The sun was scorching hot in the late afternoon.

We were hungry .... so sat in the car under the neem tree .... and had the prasad there .... with the AC running ... balancing the parcels ..... with the sounds of mantra from the loudspeakers. ( In case you are wondering ... I always keep a few spoons and other paraphernalia with us in the car ;-p).

The food was as usual ... heavenly! There was khichuri, mixed vegetables torkari, payesh and tomato chaatni. But don't even think that the same menu is boring .... we would happily give away our right arm to have a little of that any time during the rest of the year. :-)

We had a wonderful afternoon!

I could somehow manage this click .... the food was balanced precariously on the dashboard of the car. :-)

Have a great Nabami evening friends!!
I'll try to get good snaps of the Bhasan / Visarjan of the goddess tomorrow.

The very thought makes me feel sad ... but for now I'll rush .... got to enjoy the whole evening and night .... enjoying cultural programs and chomping on lots of food. And oh yes ... we will be pandal hopping tonight too.

C'ya all!! :-)

Updated with these snaps from the evening :
Kalyani Nagar Durgotsav.

The lighting was very different and the decorations in white looked very beautiful ... does not look the same in this snap.

The lawn for dining and the seating arrangement for the audience in the background.


  1. oti uttom Sharmi..the thought of capturing these cherishable moments in such detail is superb and having the resource to do it seems like a blessing!! :)

    shotti toh puja aashte naa aashtei shesh hoye jaaye, and doshomi is no doubt the saddest day, I used to cry and hide my tears as a little girl!! well, enjoy the rest of your pujo and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Read both your pooja posts. I've not seen Cal during Pujo time but would love to someday. Lovely clicks and the bhog looks heavenly. Enjoy the rest of the festival, Sharmila!

  3. Sharmila, thanks for these lovely pictures. I can only imagine when the Bongs talk about it with nostalgia now I have an idea. Happy Celebrations!

  4. Happy Durga puja sharmila, i have never been to a durga puja before but from your posts have enjoyed them, thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for posting these. It is really nice for people like me who miss home this time of the year!


  6. Sharmila, eta ki Pune te ?

    Pujo asche, asche besi bhalo bolo, elo ar sesh hoye gelo :(

    Amra o Pujoy line diye bhog khelam, Saptami theke Nabami. Mane Bhog hoyto noy, bhog ekhane khub alpo kore dey ar baki der jonyo mass scale e ranna hoy. Tobe oi khichuri, labra , chaatni ar papad kheyechi :) Sondhi Pujo o dekhlam

  7. Sharmila,
    onek samay snaps e sheyi rokom mayer saaj ar abha othe na..kinto ami bojte parchi je , eyi chobi ta jokhon tumi tole hobe ...maake ke dekhte koto shundor lagchilo :)..
    aar bhog joto baar hi khaba hog na keno ..mon bhore na :)...
    aajke ,vijayadashmi...shubho bijoya to you n your hubby (hope he is recovering well)
    thank you for sharing these snaps..
    hugs and smiles

  8. The kumari puja is so cute... We went to the temple here on Sat and some people haded out stuff to my daughter (for kumari puja I guess)... She was so thrilled.
    Happy Dusshera. Your posts are so heart warming...

  9. pujo aste na astei shesh:-( ar ekhane kichui korlam na.. these pictures & the previous ones are a feast to the eyes & soul Sharmila.. thanks for sharing them.. shaal pataye khichuri labra begun bhaja..i could take a flight & come over for it :-D

  10. Thank you everybody! Am so glad you liked the posts and the snaps.
    I find no fun in anthing until I've shared it with friends ... am so glad to have you all as them. :-)

    Sandeepa ... haan, eta pune tei. Baah! ... khub bhalo laglo jene je tomrao Pujo ar khichuri bhog enjoy korecho. Sondhi pujo amar dekhar khub icche ... hoye othe na. :-)

    Jaya ... oi pandaler decoration tai oirokom chilo ... olpo aalo ar onekta ondhokar diye ekta kemon odbhut light create korechilo ... kichutei camera te dhorte parlam na. :-)

    Soma ... ek bochor pujote chole esho ... seriously. :-)


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