Saturday, 26 September 2009

A little Durga Puja fervour for all ....

I have been having a great time ... rushing around the puja pandals ... offering Pushpanjali ... having prasad or bhog ... being at the evening aarti .... and of course sampling out the artery clogging delicacies at the food stalls ... :-) ( of course rushing home in between to cook for the hubby and carry his food ... he is still not allowed to have food from outside ).

Today is Maha Ashtami. After offering Pushpanjali ( offering flowers to the the diety amid mantras and shlokas ) early in the morning, I thought of clicking some snaps and posting them here .... so many of my Bengali friends abroad are pining for Puja back home.

I know this is not the same .... still ... am trying to give you all a glimpse of the puja pandals here.

For now ... just the snaps.

I'll post details later in my other blog.

Kali Bari.

Congress Bhavan.

The line for Khichuri Bhog.

Today's lunch was Khichuri, Beguni ( batter fried brinjal/eggplant slices ), Payesh ( don't miss the pantua / gulab jamun in it ) , Labra torkari, Tomato chaatni and Papor bhaja ( papad fry ).

Shubho Ashtamir Shondhya bondhugon !! :-)

Have a great Ashtami evening dear friends. :-)


  1. The greatest post ever...thank you Sharmi :)

    Yes its not the same, but I can feel the spirit, the hustle bustle, even hear the onjoli chantings of pandit moshai with flowers in my hand, every memory associated with Pujo is so deeply ingrained and kept alive by the spirit within. I just love the richness, magnanimity of our culture. Simply beautiful post.

    Many thanks,


  2. Sharmila, that post really took through the trip..:)..thank you for sharing it with us.
    Hope your husband is getting better.

    abt the laddos, there in spice your life..check it when you find time..

    take care then..hope to see twm's festive look..:))

  3. Enjoyed the post. Happy Dasara to you and your family. I hope that Maa Durga blesses your family and that your husband gets well soon.

  4. Sharmila,
    wish I can have the khucuri and all the goodies over that shaalpatta thala, and I envy that lil boy ..more lucky there it seems :)..lovely snaps and thank you for sharing ...
    hugs and smiles

  5. That looks so wonderful. You capatured puja fervor so well... Thanks for sharing - yep its not the same, but it does bring you into the spirit...

  6. Glad you liked it J. :-) Ektu pujo tomader jonne tule dhorar cheshta. :-)

    Thanks for letting me know Valli! Will check it out. And I'll surely try to get some snaps today too. :-)

    Thanks so much for your kind wishes RC! Means a lot. :-)

    Jaya .. ebar bhog barite ene kheyechi ... tai snap er jonne shaal paata okhan thekei niye eshechilam. :-)
    Mon kharap koro na :-)

    Thanks Somoo! :-)

  7. That's a nice post, hope your husband feels better soon. Happy Dusshera.

  8. Nice photos..This reminds me of 4 beautiful years I spent in durgapur during my engineering..I love kichuri. :-)

  9. Looks amazing...I'm drooling here for that prasad. Hope your husband is well on his road to being completely recovered.


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