Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dal pakora

After a whole week of eating out and dinners it is back to simple food. Aaaaah .... relief !
Made dal pakoras with a simple dal chawal ... only because I can't eat only dal bhaat. I have to have something with it ... even if it is aloo bhaja.

I had soaked a mix of five dals for dal panchmela with baati (post coming up later : Updated with link ).

Took a little out of it and made the pakoras. Else they can be made from any dal like chana/masoor/urad/moong.

Need :

Soaked dal,
chopped onions,
chopped green chillies,
a pinch of baking powder,
salt to taste and oil for deep frying.
Chopped fresh coriander leaves and whole jeera can be added too.

How to :

Grind the soaked dal into a coarse paste.
( I keep away a couple of tablespoonful from this ... makes for a great face scrub ;-) ).

Add the chopped onions , chillies , salt and baking powder.

Heat oil and fry the pakoras.

The reason I put up a snap of my lunch plate is to show off my achaar.
It came out perfect. :-)


  1. Ditto on having plain dal chawal..I too MUST have something to go with it, and if that something happens to be pakora, that's as good as it gets!

  2. Sharmila - this isn't trying to lose weight:(, and you are tempting me with fried stuff!

  3. yummy dal pakora .. we make only with channa dal .. havent mixed dals .. must bge really yummy .. Am trying to lose weight too like sunshinemom .. but i love eating kya karen :(

  4. I usually make do with a few store bought chips, I wish I had time to make sides :-(.
    The pakoras look tempting and cool face scrub idea!

  5. Rashmi
    Pakoras do make a good accompaniment .. but namkeen makes a better one .. what say? ;-)

    Sunshinemom and Veggi
    You did not notice the quantity of the paste or the no. of pakoras on the plate ... whenevr I make such things I make sure they are in small amounts ... that way you satiate your cravings and don't overload yourself too. :-)
    So go ahead and indulge.

    Chips & namkeen are great too. And am glad you noticed the face scrub idea :-) A pinch of tumeric and lemon juice in it does wonders actually. :-)

  6. Hey Veggi Platter
    I could not leave a comment on your blog :-( Please allow the option of Name/URL also.

  7. Namkeen with dal chawal is a new one for me, but it sounds perfect for lazy days, which we have often!


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