Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Aloo Paratha

Hubby's colleague and our good friend Hfz came over to tea a few days back.Well ... he wanted to come for tea, but it was almost dinnertime when he reached. Still insisted that he was here for tea. I had planned aloo parathas for dinner ....so said ok. Aloo parathas go well with tea too ;-). It was very late in the night by the time dinner was over ... but since he had come for tea ... well ... tea we had. This guy is a joy for any cook ... not only does he relish food ... but also is very vocal with his feedback. If he likes something he will let u know ... if he doesn't ...he will definitely let you know. And he loved the aloo parathas (it seems he hates aloo parathas becoz most of the time they don't have enough filling ) ... and he hated the tea. :-)

As with almost every vegetarian dish that I make, I keep the filling very simple. The raw ginger and green chillies give an amazing taste to the boiled potatoes.

Am sending this to Roti Melaannounced by Cooking 4 all Seasons

I know it is a common dish ... but this is the first time am participating in an event. So am excited.

Need :

Dough made from wheat flour(not maida / refined flour) and should be kneaded very soft and pliable ,
Boiled potatoes (peeled and mashed),
Very finely sliced ginger,
Roughly chopped green chillies and coriander leaves
Salt to taste.

(Pressure cook the potatoes with a teaspoonfull of salt .... makes a difference to the taste).

How to : Mash all the ingredients together. Take a small ball of dough and fill with the potato mixture ( the filling should be double the size of the ball).Stuff in properly, taking care not to break (it won't break if the atta dough is really soft).

Roll out thick parathas.

Use dry maida instead of atta to roll out the parathas smoothly .... and use it generously.

Heat a tawa and fry the parathas with a little oil.
Serve with fresh dahi or any chutney or pickle.

Tip :
Use a hand cheese grater to grate the boiled potatoes. You will have the smoothest mashed potatoes in minutes.

If you are using a non stick tawa then smear a little ghee / butter on the parathas for frying.
You will need very little , but the aroma will be awesome.


  1. hello ... sorry i was unable to blog hop.. this new look is lively haan .. even i posted aloo parathas today...

    and thanks a ton for looking for me .. it felt gr8

  2. hey swati ..am glad u like this new look .. and that u r blog hopping again :-)

  3. i also dont like aloo parantha unless its generously stuffed, but it needs a practised hand to roll it out like yours. Yum !

  4. naah Rashmi! .. u r a dear to say that .. but all it needs is a very very soft atta dough. ;-)

  5. I always found stuffed potatoes difiicult to make, most of the time the stuffings turned out to be too little or if I tried to put more stuffings, the parathas used to tear while rolling. Thanks for your tip, when I made the dough very very soft, I could put sufficient stuffings and the parathas turned out great.

  6. Dear Sharmila - I made these for dinner last night and they came out really well. Thanks so much for the clear steps :-)

  7. Hi, I love ......your recipes...thanks a lot


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