Friday, 6 June 2008

Monsoon is here

Rim jhim gire sawaan .... the weather has turned beautiful.The monsoons are a'coming :-) ... already the sky is overcast and a few spells of rain have blessed the city.Aaaah ..... a long awaited respite from the summer heat.Looking forward to a great monsoon....lots of fried stuff ....adda ...and ginger tea.

Was going thru a lot of blogs ... was impressed ...and a little intimidated too. So many people out there so many exotic dishes ....and sharing.What am I doing here?Who is interested in my lauki,kaddu and parathas? Even the aggregator does not acknowledge you if your blog is less than two months old. :-( What do they wait for? Maybe to see just how long the fellow holds out in this blogging world. I am an introvert do I stand a chance here?

Then I remembered how I was when I got married.Like any other girl I had never stepped into the kitchen before marraige .... barring an occasional dish to be experimented on ...from a magazine or a tv show.There used to be a lot of excitement ...and applauds too. Not the same story after marraige. Here everyday cooking turned into a challenge.More so coz I had married into a different community....I did not know my way of cooking ..... leave alone theirs. Every dish may be dal, rice, kneading atta .....or making vegetables was a challenge.

So am writing them down. Every lunch/dinner/snack was an accomplishment.Recently, when our teenaged niece came to me saying "Maami ... I did not like so and so's dinner ...woh humare jaise khana nahi banate hain .... aap jaldi se lunch banao ... " ,I realised that I belonged . And I give myself a pat on my back today.
And a pat on the back to every girl out there in this world who spends hours not only in her kitchen to nourish and nuture her family, but also has made cooking a job that can be loved too and spends almost all of her waking hours thinking of the next meal to rustle up... and how to make it interestingly too.
And that is what my blog will have ..whatever I make .. with my limited knowledge of cooking.:-)

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