Monday, 23 June 2008

A lot of goodness around

Before jumping to any conclusions regarding my sanity let me clarify that these vegetables mean a lot to me. And that is why I have clicked them with dirt and all ... that is the soil from fields.

It was on our weekend long drive out of the city that we came across a field with the farmer and family harvesting carrots. We stopped and talked to them ... hubby was full of questions regarding crop/weather/soil/etc. etc.
These warm hearted people were only too happy to talk to us.

After showing us around their fields and home ... when we were leaving plied us with these wonderful gifts right off their field.
And our offer of paying was firmly turned down.

We were touched. And I thought I'd share these with the few blogger friends I have got now.

The whole story is here in my travel blog.


  1. How wonderful! Carrots straight out of the fields..YUM!

  2. Thanks Bharti !:-)

    Rashmi ... I still have some more left (the pic has only a few) and have no idea what to do with them.Any suggestions?

  3. Since I hv been browsing Nupur's blog, here are two recipes for carrots that I spotted:

    Of course, u can also good old gajar ka halwa, keep it in the fridge for a few days too!

  4. wowy... that was indeed a nice gesture haan....

  5. Thanks Rashmi .. I knew i could count on you :-)Decided on the pickle .. actually I like to make halwa with the other kind of carrots .. the reddish ones ... these have a strong flavour .. and slightly dry too .. i guess they will be good for the pickle ... will post soon. Thanks again :-)


Thank you for sharing Kichu Khonn( a few moments ) with me in my kitchen!