Friday, 20 June 2008

Chire Bhaja / Crispy Fried Beaten Rice

This is another crispy, easy to make snack ... very low on oil .... that is associated with rainy or winter evenings ... when you are in a roomfull of boisterous cousins ... everybody talking at once .... nobody listening in particular ... or ... a few very close friends who are informal .... or just a quiet evening with your favourite book. And a steaming cup of tea ... that's all that is needed with this.

I always dry roast the Chire / Chide / Beaten rice in a heavy kadhai or wok first .... without any oil. It should be roasted till crisp .... bite into one ... and it should break immediately. That way you know the rawness is gone. If you don't do this part, you will have to deal with chewy and raw chire in your bhaja(fry).

Need :

Poha (beaten rice, the thick variety),
Thinly sliced onions,
Very thinly sliced ginger,
Very thinly sliced potato (optional),
A handful of peanuts,
1 tbsp oil,
Salt and some black pepper powder.

How to :

First dry roast the poha in a heavy bottomed kadhai ... without oil .... till the poha is crispy dry and loses its rawness.

Remove and keep aside. Heat oil and fry the onions till pink.

Add the potato slices , the ginger , peanuts and salt. Cover and cook till the potatoes are done.

Remove cover and keep frying till the whole thing is brownish and cripsy. Add the roasted poha and keep tossing (do not add any more salt after adding the poha).

Finally add the black pepper powder and remove.

Serve hot with a steaming cup of tea.

Enjoy !


  1. a little something on my blog for all these lovely posts..

  2. You call it little!!!! Thanks buddy for everything. :-)

  3. Just when I was thinking I’d stop frying in time for that winter beach holiday I’m taking…. these look simply scrumptious and low cal to fit into my holiday diet.


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