Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Blogging is becoming an addiction. I guess it is the little words of encouragement from people who were total strangers that has got me stuck. So I finally came upon an idea to be able to give time to cooking, clicking, uploading and to finish other jobs required to be done around to run everyday life smoothly and ... still stay sane.

Keep cooking (cannot avoid at least that ) and clicking (don't want to avoid that). Make time one day ... upload all snaps and start typing away. The result ... just like today's ... 4-5 posts at one shot. The only catch is if am not net connected my other friends scream. And if I am net connected ... I chat ...and that means again late posts. Hmm.... all is not hunky dory ... need to reorganise more.

Just this post proves it.Now who doesn't know how to make Poha. And why am I writing a poha recipe down? I don't know ... except that I just loved the way the snap came out. :p So did not even want to sprinkle grated coconut on it.

Need :

Poha (beaten rice),
Chopped green chillies,
Chopped onions,
Chopped potatoes,(can add other veggies like fresh peas,carrots,beans),
Haldi / turmeric powder,
Mustard seeds,
Curry leaves,
Cooking oil - 2 tbsp,
Half a lemon and salt to taste.

How to :

Wash the poha and drain all water. Keep aside.

Chop the vegetables ... till then the poha will be perfectly soaked.

Heat oil in a kadhai.

Add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and the green chillies.

Add the onions and fry till onion turns pink.

Add the potatoes and the groundnuts ( and other vegetables, if using).

Cover and cook till the potatoes are done.

Now add the soaked poha, haldi powder and salt.

Toss and stir well.

Add the lemon juice, toss once more and remove from stove and keep covered for some time.

Serve hot.


  1. i agree. that poha of yours looks totally delicious without any topping!
    And u know what, I also love poha with coconut & namkeen:

  2. I had never liked poha at home coz the beaten rice used to have a kind of musty smell...it is only after coming to Pune I learnt making poha.. like it .. can't say I love it. ;p .And u r right .. potatoes are carby. I loved the snap on your post .. awesome. :-)

  3. Hi,
    drop me your email at :

  4. sorru sharmila havent been visiting for some time na.... poha looks goood... and it felt as if iam sitting next to u and u r chatting away.... kitna bolti ho :P hey u in pune :) i was in pune for almost 1.5 yrs untill till dec

  5. Will do Rashmi .. soon :-)

    Swati ... sirf acche doston ke saath hi zyaada bolti hoon ;-)
    accha laga aap humare blog par fir se padhaare ... my hindi is hilarious btw :-))


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