Friday, 6 June 2008

Puli Pithe / Coconut Stuffed Rice Balls in Sweet Milk

Pooli Pithe reminds me of winter. Cold winter mornings... or for that matter, afternoon or evenings .... there is no particular time to enjoy this sweet preparation. We were invited to Sanju dada' s place for dinner .They love sweets decided to make pooli pithe for them. Bhabhi said that they make something very similar ... it is called Ukdiche Modak (steamed modak).
Pooli pithe is usually longish in shape ... but since I cannot make them properly ... I resort to the round shape.

Need : 1/2 a coconut (grated), sugar, elaichi (cardamom) powder, 1 litre milk, rice flour, 1 pinch of salt, 1 tbsp ghee, 1/2 tsp baking powder, a little water and 1 tbsp cooking oil.

How to :
The Filling : Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed (or non stick) kadhai.
Add the grated coconut and around 5-6 tbsp sugar and the elaichi powder. Cook till coconut is slightly dry and sticks together.
(You can use jaggery(gur) too ..... instead of sugar for this filling.... for both flavour and colour).

The milk : Boil the milk till it is slightly thickened.
Add enough sugar to sweeten it and a little elaichi powder and boil for some more time. Keep aside.

The covering (Pulis) : Heat around half a cup of water with a pinch of salt , baking powder and 1 tbsp cooking oil. When the water starts to boil add rice flour very slowly, stirring constantly to make a soft dough.

Remove from heat and knead a little with hands to make it smooth. Use a little oil to moisten your palm.

Make small balls out of the dough. Take each ball and fill it with the coconut filling.
(Wet your hands with a little water so that the dough does not stick to them).

Bring the milk to a boil again and slowly add the poolis. Simmer for a while . Serve warm or cold.

(Now I realise I should have included a pic of the dough in making .... guess it will have to wait now for next time.)
Enjoy !! :-)


  1. Pooli pithe is a gift to me always , never tried making in home , now will try it for sure , thanks for sharing Sharmila.
    hugs and smiles

  2. your Puli pithe looks great ..... I have always seen my mom make pooli pithe's with boiled mashed sweet potatoes and believe me the poolis were veryyyy soft ..... I have tried pooli made of rice powder prepared by my mom in law and they were hard ...can we get soft poolis from rice powder too?

  3. Thanks Jaya! Sorry .. but I don't know how I skipped replying this. :-)

    Thanks Manidipa! Yes, I know ranga aloor pithe turns out real soft ... am yet to post it. :-)

    And yes, we can get soft pulis from rice powder too ... but of course they won't be as soft as the ones from sweet potato.

    The main thing is when heating the water for the dough add enough oil.
    And the next thing to keep in mind is never boil the pulis in the milk for long. Just add them, simmer and then turn off the heat ... and let them stand for a while .... they will soak in well.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest in my recipes. :-)
    If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to write to me at kichukhonn{at}gmail{dot}com.

    Do let me know how they turn out. :-)


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