Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Instant Laddoo with leftover rotis

I had seen Mummy (MIL) make these laddoos for our niece. She crumbles the roti by hand. Lazy me just run them in a blender ... which is actually a better idea as I realised later. This way the moistness of the rotis help to bind the laddoo well ... which is why you need less ghee than required.
Judging by the shining eyes of not only kids but also grownups at the sudden appearence of these laddoos ... I know these make for a great surprise. ;-)
I hope nobody judges me by the different sizes of the laddoos ... they turned out round .... more than enough for me. :-)

Need : 3 leftover rotis, 5-6 tbsp sugar(or as per taste), 1 tbsp ghee, 1 small green elaichi.

How to : Just run everything in a blender for a minute. Take out and shape the laddoos.


  1. This one is Godsend!
    There are often so many rotis going waste in my house.My little one would love this. Thanks & hugs!

  2. You can try adding dry fruits and nuts too ... so your little one will have fun picking them. And you are too good with your nice comments ... my every new post waits in anticipation now ...
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face always after a new post. God bless :-)

  3. sharmila this is an invention buddy ... too good.... u r rocking nowadays... sahi hai...
    bhishon bhalo....
    chalo ami jachhe .. kichukhon pore ashbo...:)

  4. Thanks Swats :-) am actually learning from all of you ..
    Tumi toh khub bhalo Bangla bolte paro!!

  5. wow..nice recipe..will trythis when i have left over rtis..


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