Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Aloo Capsicum Tomato fry

Of late I have noticed my snaps look kind of dull. I attribute this to the dull weather ... and of course my lack of expertise with the camera. Till now I have lucked out as the brightness outside that fills my home always helped me in getting great snaps. That is one thing with digital cameras ... good light.

But what with the weather outside turning ... and staying .... dull , I am not happy with my snaps. Even my great looking Ragda Patties look like a dud. :-(
Today the sun ... if not shining brightly ... has been generous enough to bestow us with some light .. and in the process dry weather. So got a good enough catch in my another fast and easy dish. :-)
Another thing I have noticed is I have been clicking snaps on the same plate. This I will attribute to my subconcious ... guess it knows better than me ... that food makes for a great snap when served on a white background (read plate). Hmm ... if there's anything else into it ... will have to consult Freud .... or at least any of his theories.
For now ... am happy with my snaps .... and this easy dish of mine. It takes just about 10-15 mins to make this. I have no name for it .... so called it a fry.

Need : 2 medium sized boiled potatoes, 2 capsicums, 1 medium sized tomato, 1 medium sized onion, 1 tsp cooking oil, a pinch of sugar and salt to taste.
How to : Cut all the vegetables lengthwise.

Heat oil. Add the onions and after frying for a little while add the potatoes. Add just a pinch of sugar and keep tossing till the potatoes start to turn brown (the sugar starts to caramelise).
Now add the capsicum and tomatoes together. Add salt and keep tossing for one more minute. Serve hot with rotis.
That's it. I don't use any jeera etc for tempering. We can use haldi powder and garam masala too .... but I love the veggies bright colour and also the flavour the capsicum and the tomatoes release ... so I don't use any masala too. Garlic lovers can add chopped garlic though ... just be sure not to burn the garlic.


  1. wow thatz an easy n tasty dish . i too love capsicum

  2. know what..
    i love how your cooking is so minimalistic and simple, yet so delicious and comforting. Your blog is a great one for Nupur's Less is More:)
    I should remember to post your jolkhaberer torkari there!

  3. Vegetable platter
    Thanks! :-)

    Thanks ... and I think you can pick up the laddoo too .. that was real minimalistic ... what say? :-)

  4. Vegetables'er color gulo ki shundor. Dekhle ee khide pay jaaye!

    I can die for that alu capsicum and gorom gorom ruti.

  5. Tried this dish today, with jeera tadka and added some haldi too. Really tasty - had some left over from lunch, which I had with some dahi at night for dinner - yum!

    Thanks very much for the recipe :-)


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