Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Custard for breakfast

Did not feel like making breakfast today. I had some Raspberry flavoured custard in the fridge and decided to cheat out with it as my ally. After all anything that looks good ... and of course tastes good, can be categorised under 'edible'.

I always make free flowing custard. That way it can be used in different ways or recipes. And always with a little less sugar.

For this breakfast I did not have to do much.
Just chopped up an apple and pear ( any fruit will do) ... I just had these two. Dunked them into the custard.
Had some sugar free muesli with dry fruits. Spread them all over. Done. :-)

Since the custard was cold ... the muesli stayed crunchy .... there was no fear of chewing on soggy stuff. Tasted great !


  1. I make this as a surprise for the kids! And love it myself too:) And when are you putting that subscribe me button?

  2. yummy breakfast .. i love muesli .. had never eaten with custard. sounds great

  3. custard for breakfast..mmm..lovely!
    I usually don't enjoy sweet breakfast, but this sounds yum!

  4. Sunshinemom
    This is the first time I came up with this concoction. :-)The button will up soon.

    Vegetable platter
    Thanks :-)Custard was just the base ... I loaded it with fruits and muesli.

    I too like to have a salty and spicy breakfast .. basically something that will go with my morning cuppa of chai. This was for hubby. :-)

  5. My kids would absolutely love this for breakfast!

  6. Bharti
    My hubby loved it too. Wonder why I never thought of it before. Laziness does work. :-)


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