Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Savoury French toast (the way I like it)

These Moong sprouts are my all time favourite .... and are omnipresent in my home. Even before I finish one batch I set the next to sprout. And these are a huge help ... not to mention the healthy part too.
Munch them raw, add them to a salad, to any dish, just saute them with butter and black pepper powder, add them to a raita, to a stir fry, a noodles dish or fried rice or to a masala muri ...... the choice is yours.
You add these, you are adding a handful of health to your dishes.

I love to munch these with a little piece of jaggery. :-)

When I made the French toasts I dunked in a few of these. As I do not like anything sweet, I often make these savoury French toasts for myself.

Need :

Finely chopped onion,
Finely chopped green chillies,
Bread pieces,
Oil / butter to cook,
Salt to taste.
Can add any chopped veggies or green peas too.

How to :

Beat the eggs with the rest of the ingredients except bread and oil.

Cut the bread pieces to desired size/shape.

Dip them into the egg mixture.

Heat a pan/tawa and smear some butter/oil. Place the bread peices with some mixture and fry both sides till golden brown. If needed add oil / butter.

Life is in the doldrums these days ... life ... not me. :-(
It is raining and I should be happy. I love rains. But coping with unending power cuts and the cold , damp weather ( yes ... I shiver in 20 degrees ... so go on .... laugh ) has succeeded in killing my spirit.

Inspite of having good fried stuff I hate the snaps for lack of natural light ... so don't feel like posting them.

So am spending the days hogging on calories and the printed stuff ... just read Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" ... (hubby took pity on me finally and got it from a friend). And cursing nobody in particular.

And if you think am looking for sympathy writing this boring god-knows-what .... you are right. And I know I deserve that kick. :-)


  1. dunno about sympathy, but you sure got company:)
    It was drizzling more than usual last week here, and same pinch, I also shiver under 20C, make that 22!
    The sprouts make french t look prettier and healthier than usual.
    what did u think of kite runner?

  2. Same pinch Rashmi :-) the kite runner was ok. BTW I have updated the 'Banana pancakes' with the proportions. Hope it will help.:-)


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