Thursday, 31 July 2008

Chana daal vada

This is no novelty ... very common and am sure everybody makes it once in a while. Great with a cup of ginger tea in the rains ... and some close friends. :-)

Need : Chana dal, soaked overnight, chopped onions and green chillies, enough cooking oil to deep fry and salt to taste.

How to : Grind the dal to a coarse paste ... keeping a little whole dal aside. Mix it to the paste and add the chopped things and salt and mix well.

Heat oil. Shape flat vadas and slip them into the oil carefully. Fry on slow heat .... turning them over till both sides are golden brown.

Just as I clicked 'publish' on my last post I remembered Bharti has passed the Rocking Girl Blogger award to me. I could have updated the post ... but was not feeling 'very happy in my heart' ... so let it pass. Today am feeling perky enough to give a wide grin.

Thanks so much dear Bharti. :-)


  1. I have not made these for ages..y'know what..yours look exactly like the ones i loved at my school canteen, must make them soon:)
    And yes, can we finally see you at TOI, please?

  2. Raaaash ...I tried at TOI yesterday .. am waiting just as eagerly .. I don't know what else to do about it :-(


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