Friday, 4 July 2008

Cabbage fry

This is another of my simple recipes. When I have run out of onion/ginger/garlic paste (which I usually make in bulk, cook and store in the freezer) and am in no mood to make any, I make cabbage this way.
It has a flavor like South Indian food (I know am antagonising many purists) but I am no expert in south indian cooking ... so hope to be excused and corrected.

I did have some freshly grated coconut ... so added that too.

Need : Finely sliced cabbage, fresh curry leaves, whole green chillies, mustard seeds, 1 tsp urad dal, freshly grated coconut, a pinch of sugar, salt and a little cooking oil.

How to : Heat oil. Add the mustard seeds, whole greenchillies, the dal and the curry leaves.

Then add the cabbage and fry for sometime. Add salt, a little sugar and cover and cook till
cabbage is done. Sprinkle the fresh coconut and serve hot.

Gets done in a jiffy ... and goes great with both rice or rotis.


  1. We love this with rasam, and for a change my son likes it too:)

  2. Forgot to mention that I have officially named you 'friend' on my blog. Please collect it:)

  3. I have a treat for you in my blog,check it out..

  4. Priti
    Thank you.

    Thank you for the official honour :-)

    Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Heyy..
    Sorry for not visiting for so long!
    I know I should be eating more cabbage, but what to do, I only like it in chinese food or kofta;)

  6. Hey Rashmi
    No probs buddy :-) ... do miss you though :-)

    Vegetable platter
    I have done a meme only recently .. will link it. Thanks anyway. :-)


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