Monday, 21 July 2008

Nashte ki sabzi

Ever since I had seen Rashmi's 'Benaras ki galiyon ka nashta' I had been intending to make it. The attraction is puris. It is not a novelty in Bengali cuisine though ... as most nashtas or jolkhabar have a mixed veg sabzi and puri or luchi as an accompaniment.
Whenever I pick vegetables from my fridge to make a dish I always leave a couple of the same behind. Finally one day I have enough to make a mixed veg / tawa sabzi / nashta ki sabzi. This sabzi is made the Bengali way ... slightly sweetish (that mostly comes from the veggies like pumpkin/brinjal etc) and no masala. I had no kala chana ... so it was only the veggies.
These days I am conciously substituting maida with atta ... and by the time I had arranged my plate .... the puris had fallen flat. Give me the khasta luchi made from maida anyday. :-)
Need : Assortment of vegetables cut into cubes, 1 onion sliced, paanchphoron, haldi powder, whole red chillies, a pinch of sugar, salt to taste and 1 tbsp oil.

How to : Heat oil and add the paanch phoron and red chillies. Add the onions and fry for sometime. Add the vegetables and the haldi powder and salt. Cover and cook till the veggies are done. Remove cover and add a little sugar and keep frying till all water is gone. The dish should be slightly mushy.
Serve hot with puris/ parathas.


  1. Hi Sharmila, awesome sabji there, and I can so understand the maida vs atta issue! I always use atta now, especially since my daughter loves puris, and face the same pb. Very simple recipe too:-)

  2. first time here...nice blog and yummy recipes,..

  3. hehe..enjoyed the post:D
    Recently my bong neighbour sent me some heavenly peas stuffed luchi which when I tried to replicate was a disaster, as I am only used to pooris with atta!
    For these occasional treats I guess its ok to use whatever we are comfortable with.

    Your subzi does look yum, as they always do:)

  4. Benares ki galiyo ka nashta.

    Have you been to benares?


  5. that veggie assortment is awesome .. a healthy mixture of all vegetables .. a quick yummy dish

  6. What a healthy subzi! I also sub maida with atta all the time. Kabhi kabhi chalta hai, though. Whaddaya say?

  7. Sharmila, I do the same - leaving behind a few veggies in the fridge and then ending up with a mixed veg. dish:) As for puri vs. atta, I prefer atta, as maida ends up in large quantities in my bakes:)

  8. Hi Shreya and notyet100 !
    Welcome to my blog ... and thanks. :-)

    Aaah! U had motor kochuri!And yes .. maida does taste great when it comes in contact with oil :-)) but me trying maida stuffed things have always resulted in fiascos ... atta is more malleable.

    No I haven't.

    Veggie Plate
    Thanks !

    Chalta hai .. chalta hai .. :-)

    When baking it has to be maida ... tried baking once with atta ... don't even ask what happened :-))

  9. I always try to use as much wheat flour as possible in place of maida....but sometimes it does backfire me, especially while baking....:(

    Nice sabzi to go with the luchis

  10. Bhags
    I too tried baking with atta once ... that too eggless .. my knife is still nursing a grudge against me :-)


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