Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Egg Bhurji stuffed Paratha

Eggs are my favourite ... cooked any way ... poached, boiled, soft boiled ... but my fav is scrambled, with milk and slightly sweet with a dash of black pepper.... reminds me of very cold winter mornings at home. Better if sandwiched in toasted bread. Hubby can eat eggs only if made into a bhurji ... cooked and battered and spiced to the point of turning it into a sabzi. :-(

So I make the bhurjis at home ... and as usual do not leave a chance to dunk in some veggies. And on principle do not add haldi/mirchi/garam masala. I love the white, fluffy eggie(?) part of the bhurji ... and also the lovely bright coloured veggies.

It was the first day of the weekend and that means eating out for two whole days. I had some kneaded atta in the fridge that I did not want to waste ... besides which I decided that if we have a really heavy breakfast, at least we can skip eating lunch out.

So made egg bhurji stuffed parathas. They actually tasted great. And the pics looked so nice that I uploaded every snap. :-)

Need :

2 eggs beaten,
1 small onion chopped,
1 green chilli chopped,
veggies of you choice( I used finely chopped carrots and tomatoes and some green peas,
salt to taste
1 tsp cooking oil.
And of course kneaded atta.

How to :

Heat oil.

Add the onions and the chillies.

Fry for a little while.

Then add the veggies and salt.
Cook till the veggies are done (but should not be brown and limp).

Now add the beaten egg and keep stirring till lumps form. Keep stirring till they break into smaller lumps and the whole thing looks about done.
Keep aside to cool.

Roll out a roti from the atta and place 2 spoonfulls of the egg mixture and fold over from both sides.
Very carefully roll out just a little, using enough dry atta.
The point is to keep the paratha from opening up.

Heat a tawa and fry parathas with a little oil till brown and crisp on both sides.

Serve hot with ketchup.


  1. Looks terrific.
    My hubby and sonny would freak out on this!

  2. Looks awesome and splendid.....

  3. hey..I don't eggs, but my kiddos do. This is probably a good one for their lunch box. Thanks for the idea.
    Oh and I have something for you on my blog...:-)

  4. awesome....wht a nice snaps of ur looks tempting tooo..good work

  5. Rashmi and Bharti
    You can always use paneer bhurji and freak out with your family too :-)

    Sireesha and Suma
    Thanks! :-)

    Thanks for the award! :-)

  6. my hubby will love this for sure .. looks nice

  7. Egg bhurji stuffed parathas.....innovative idea for stuffed parathas....:)

    First time at your blog....lovel recipes u have got here

  8. Vegetable Platter
    Thanks! :-)

    Welcome to my blog! And thanks. :-)

  9. Very Lovely Sharmila and I am sure it tastes great .
    hugs and smiles

  10. Wow this is cool idea. Try outs soon, thanks for sharing.

  11. It does Jaya. :-)

    Thanks Pearlsofeast!Do let me know how it turns out. :-)


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