Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Awards again

I know I have been giving this blog a step treatment for a while as I was busy with my other two. Not done at all ... since it is this one that has got me to know so many good people out there ... not to mention the variety of recipes I get to choose from now.

Sailaja has passed a few awards to me .... am grateful and happy.

And that reminded me of my first awards from dear Rashmi of delhibelle. I think it is high time I expressed my gratitude and passed them on to others.

The "You make my day Award was passed on to me by Rashmi.

I pass it on to
Rashmi (I feel I must ) :-) ... even if I did not have this award to pass on to her ... i'd still say that she really makes my day. ever since her first visit to my blog she has regularly visited and left encouraging comments ... that have always put a smile on my face.
Thank you dear Rashmi .... am glad to know I can call you my friend. :-)

Sailaja .... for being so nice and including me in memes and leaving behind warm lines. She actually went on to search for the other names of Gongura saag when I asked about it. Not to mention the awards that she has given me. :-)
Thanks Sailaja .... you really make my days now. :-)

Sailaja passed me these awards.

I am glad she found my purpose to blog ... as am sure I am yet to know it. ;-)

I would like to pass it on to

Sunshinemom ... who I know blogs really well ... and with a purpose. And am a fan of her travel blog too.

Rashmi of delhibelle ... who is as good as a person as she is as a blogger.

I pass the Good Chat Blog award to


This is another award that Sailaja passed on to me.

Thanks very much Sailaja for thinking of me.

My blog enjoyed the warmth of so many people who have visited and have cared to leave behind a line always.
I pass this award .... with a lot of hugs ..... to everybody who has cared enough to write an encouraging line. And am going to do one more thing .... not visit and declare this on their blogs ... when they visit am sure they will be pleasantly surprised. :-)

This award is passed on to
Rashmi ,
Sunshinemom ,
Bharti ,
Vegetable platter
Sheetal (could not link you )
I hope I have got everybody who has visited my blog. If I have missed anybody out please feel free to yell at me. :-)


  1. Heyyy make me senti..

    Congratulations! You deserve them all:)

  2. Congrats! Feels good to start the day with a few of these, eh? I am honored! Three? Thanks a bunch:) BTW I limit my visits to a few a day unless on TOI as my other hobbies, kids and office take up time:)Would have been here anyways in a day or two:)

  3. It does feel good Sunshinemom .. and am glad to know you to pass them on to ..No probs regarding the visits .. I know you keep busy .. :-)
    I can't be on TOI till my blog is more than 2 months old :-(

  4. Congrats on all the well deserved awards and thanks for passing one wonderful award to me..

  5. Thanks a lot Sharmila .. A giant Hug to you too :)

  6. Hetal & Vegetable platter
    Thanks ... and it was entirely my pleasure. :-)

    We all can do with a little hug once in a while ...what say? :-)

  7. You know what..I had missed this post earlier! I just found it while I was browsing ur blog. Thanks so much Sharmila!

  8. No probs Bharti :-) I know you keep busy and it is indeed a wonder that you, other than looking after a family, write and manage a blog ... and also take the time out to visit others and leave behind warm words.Am so glad to know you were going thru my blog. :-)


Thank you for sharing Kichu Khonn( a few moments ) with me in my kitchen!