Monday, 7 July 2008

Besan ke cheelay & a declaration

Weekend started with me showing off hubby my blog, pics, awards, friends and what a big job am doing by sending stuff to events (only 2 till now... but did not say that ;-) ) ... etc. etc. He was ok ... patiently listening and making the right, appreciating noises. And I had that 'am so great' kind of smirk on my face.

Winding up, I asked my ususal question of every morning ... "Naashte mein kya banaoon?" ... expecting his ever helpful answer of "Kuch bhi!". Nah ... not so this morning. He turned around and said "Kyon ... itne saare breakfast recipes toh hain .. koi bhi bana lo". !

And all my gloating and smirking vanished.
Looked back from the corner of my eye ... he was still standing behind me ... so I scrolled down the page. No luck ... he immediately said "Besan ke chilay hain ... banao" ( maybe coz chilay are familiar to him) . But I had never made them. No go at all .... he said "Main banaoonga".
So we had besan chilaas for breakfast. And so we do often now. Only I make them now.

Besan ka cheela or besan ka chila is a savoury pancake made from bengal gram flour. Nutritious and filling, these are quick to make and a great help when the fridge is bare or you are too tired cook dinner. Yes, they are great for dinner too.
I often add vegetables or sprouts to the cheela. This time it was grated carrots and some moong sprouts.

Need :

Besan - 1 cup
Onion - 1 medium, chopped into small pieces
Green chillies - 1, chopped
Red chilli powder - a pinch
Turmeric powder - a little
Ajwain / carrom seeds - a pinch
Grated carrot ( optional)
Moong sprouts ( optional )
Salt - to taste
Water - enough to make a thick batter
Oil - to fry the cheelas

How to :

Mix everything, except the oil, together to make a thick batter.

Smear a hot tawa or flat pan with some oil.
Pour in a ladle full of the batter and spread it a little.

Cook on low flame till one side is browned well.
Flip it over and cook uncovered ... till crisp and done.

Serve hot. Goes great with tea.

Sunshinemom has officially declared me as her friend. Cute :-) Thanks a lot.
I did not know there was such a declaration .... so now I can make one .... am declaring Rashmi as my friend. Funny .... coz I know I don't have to do this .... she is already a friend I am proud and very happy to have.
Rashmi ... this is for you buddy. :-)


  1. I am soooo..... happy to have met you too.
    Love you..Hugs!!

    Must say your Hubbs makes a mean chila:)

  2. Thanks Rashmi! Shall pass on the compliments. :-)


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