Monday, 21 July 2008

Methi paratha

Do not feel like writing much . So no prelude here. :-)

Need :

Finely chopped fresh methi / fenugreek leaves,
Haldi / turmeric powder ,
Red chilli powder,
Whole wheat flour (atta),
Ajwain / carrom seeds,
Salt to taste,
Cooking oil to fry the parathas.

How to :

Knead the flour with all the ingredients (first knead well with the methi leaves ... they tend to lose water ... and then keep adding water as required).

Heat a tawa / gridle.

Roll out round parathas.

Cook them on the tawa with a little oil till both sides are brown.

Goes great with dahi / curd and achar on the side!


  1. Looks like somebody got a bumper crop of methi!

  2. Haha...I like the frank "non-prelude". I feel the same way some times. Methi parathas are the best!

  3. Rashmi
    It was just a bunch :-))

    You are too good to say that. :-)
    Thanks! Notice that am blabbering away right in the next post. :-)

  4. Hello Sharmila, I tried these and they came out really well - you have really helped me conquer my fear of making parathas :-) Thanks!

  5. My pleasure dear Vaishnavi. :-)


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